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Systemic Consensing

Decisions without conflict

Usually, most decisions are made by majority voting. With as possible consequence that not everyone feels at ease with the decisions that has been made. The same for the consensus approach. Every one’ gives a bit and receives a bit’, and this is not a guarantee for a sustainable decision.  

Systemic consensing is focused on the process of decision making. There’s one condition: everyone agrees to use this approach for their groups decisions. The resistance to each proposal is measured. So Systemic consensing provides opportunities to minimize the potential for conflicts afterwards.

At the end the groups chooses he proposal with the lowest level of resistance.

Why should you integrate Systemic consensing in your group decisions?

Experience shows us that the decisions are much more sustainable and at the same time the intention to cooperate and mutual listening is fostered. Each proposal is taken seriously and each level of resistance is measured. Thanks to this the quality of the decisions increases. Persuasion transforms into listening to each other and mutual influencing. In a honest intention to connect.

What do we offer?

In a first encounter we listen to the actual decision approach and all the questions living around.

In a second step we look how Systemic consensing can bring a new wind thorough the organization of company. A wind that brings another style of deliberation and listening culture.

Afterwards we propose an in-company training that contribute to a better group decision making and influences the culture of cooperation towards more open listening to each other.

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