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The philosophy of non-violent communication offers many opportunities for education.

Our training courses are aimed at teachers and management who want to master the basic model of M.Rosenberg. With the intention of consciously reflecting on their own style of communicating with pupils, parents and colleagues. In order to arrive at open and authentic communication from a connection with themselves and others.

These training courses are tailor-made.

From an introduction to the model and the possibilities, it is the intention to start practicing with real situations in the classroom, at a parent’s contact or in the teacher’s room.

In this way, the building blocks of the model get a concrete interpretation

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On Project: SISP


“Communicating without violence’ seeks connection in the broadest sense of the word. M.Rosenberg asks everyone who is committed to propagating the ideas, to contribute effectively to a project that strives for ‘social change’. From the Hathor Institute I choose with conviction for the non-profit organisation S.I.S.P., a small-scale project that makes a difference! This is based on the commitment of some 35 people in the field, and many volunteers here in Flanders, who are constantly working to raise the necessary funds.

SISP focuses on the poorest of the poor and the people who have little or no opportunities in Indian society, especially some villages in Vizhinjam in the South Indian state of Kerala. SISP tries to improve the quality of life of these people by, among other things: free education, training in social resilience, setting up savings systems (microcredit associations), guidance and financial assistance for medical treatment, food and/or school fees. SISP works very closely with local aid workers and authorities. (www.sisp.be)

Good education gives young people opportunities. From a financial bridge between every educational guidance here from Hathor (workshop, refresher course, The safe class,….) and the “Free education centre” I want to take the project with me. In a mutual learning process, out of admiration and respect for every child and every adult who gives themselves opportunities to learn and grow. Here and in Kerala. A Dana scale (= giving from the heart) gives the participants in other courses the free space to contribute.


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