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Open programs

For everybody

A number of open programmes are offered each year. Everyone is free to participate.

The programmes are based on the model of M.Rosenberg. They each offer their own specific perspective.

On request, these programs are offered to different groups. Once you have a group, in-between 8-12 persons (90 euro/pers), and a quiet location to learn and share together, we can meet and prepare the workshop, based on the specific expectations of your group.

Open Programs

Whatprogram would you like to organize?

These workshops can be organized on request. Just contact  karin.ferfers@belgacom.net  

  • Introduction to Nonviolent communication
  • The language of the jackal and the giraffe.
  • The hidden message in shame and guilt
  • From stress to needs as a way towards inner peace.
  • Making choices and translate them in a concrete request.
  • How to believe in my own ’no’?
  • Systemic consensing
  • The opportunities in each conflict
  • The beauty of the needs.
  • The deep beauty of gratitude
  • The value of mourning


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International certification
‘Non-Violent Communication’

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