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Tailor Made

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Tailor made trainings

for your organization

Are you looking for a training for your team? We have a number of training courses that are ready to give but that we can also adapt to your organization, both for profit and non-profit.

Personal development

  • Communicate authentically and assertively.
  • Honest expression and empathetic listening to yourself and others.
  • Handle personal stress ‘correctly’.
  • From fear to responsibility: taking control of my life.
  • Making the right choices : how do I get my needs clear? 

Working together in connection

  • Communicate openly and connectively in a group.
  • Diversity as inspiration and motivation.
  • Being right, or inspiring to work together.
  • Looking for the connection in conflict situations.
  • Making choices and taking responsibility as a team.
  • Longer term team coaching.

Authentic leadership

  • Coherent communication, from listening deeply to employees.
  • From power ‘over’ to power ‘from within’.
  • Motivational coaching, focused on the needs and choices of employees.
  • Having difficult conversations.
  • Conflict mediation from what binds people together: their needs.
  • Preventively dealing with stress in yourself and the employees.
  • Group trajectories with managers.
  • Inspired leadership.




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