Training and deepening “ Conscientious and Nonviolent Communication”

Every training is an investment, and investments pay off.
Every training and workshop is an opportunity to allow something new to grow!

Our trainings are unique in that they focus solely on the specific learning objectives of participants, in their own personal context. These personal objectives are linked to the general focus of the training as demanded.Learning objectives that are clearly expressed increase the feeling of responsibility towards one’s own learning process and stimulate curiosity. Working with clearly formulated learning objectives allows us to address each individual’s commitment and responsibility. Personal learning objectives offer focused starting points for each training.They also increase people’s motivation to grow.
Linking trainings to personal context is another starting point. All are tailor-made and continuously adapted.

Theoretical models serve their purpose as a means of support, especially when clearly linked to personal contexts – the point where theory comes to alive. When this link is discovered, participants motivation to integrate and change are increased.
We beg to differ with our interactive and pragmatic approach as a means of support for joyful learning.

Change and growth is the ultimate aim of all our trainings.

Individual needs and expectations are also taken into account in our open offer. Our approach is just as interactive and pragmatic, within an enjoyable learning context.

  • Specific coaching tools
  • Techniques from Gestalt therapy
  • NLP tools
  • Core qualities
  • Enneagram of personality
  • Biofeedback via Heartmath
  • Nonviolent communication body of thought
  • Humour
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