Training and deepening “ Conscientious and Nonviolent Communication”

Nonviolent communication wants to stimulate connection in the broadest possible sense. M.Rosenberg asks from all those who commit to his body of thought to contribute concretely to a project that aims at ‘social change’. The Hathor Institute and myself choose whole-heartedly for the nonprofit organization S.I.S.P, a smallscale project making a big difference! I feel a strong connection to the commitment of the 35-odd people working locally and the score of volunteers in Flanders who continuously make the effort of collecting the necessary funds.

“SISP focused its attention on the poorest and those that get little or no chance in Indian society, and more specifically a number of villages in Vizhunjam in the South Indian state Kerala.

SISP tries to improve the quality of life of these people through a comprehensive offer of free education, training in social resilience, the creation of saving systems (micro credit unions), support and financial aid for medical treatment, nutrition and/or education expenses.

SISP works in very close collaboration with local aid suppliers and the authorities” (

Proper education gives opportunities to youngsters

Every educational support that Hathor provides (workshop, after classes, safe learning environment …) builds a financial bridge and gives me the opportunity to contribute to the “Free education centre”. Mutual learning, originating from a deep admiration and respect for each child and each adult who offers himself the opportunity to learn and grow – both here and in Kerala.

A Dana scale ( = giving from the heart) invites participants to other training sessions to contribute freely.
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