Training and deepening “ Conscientious and Nonviolent Communication”

Personal development
  • Communicating authentically and assertively
  • Expressing myself and listening empathically and honestly
  • Handling your stress ‘correctly’
  • From fear towards responsibility : taken my life into my hands
  • Making the right choices: how to understand my own needs?

Cooperation and connection
  • Connecting and communicating openly in group
  • Diversity as a means of inspiration and motivation
  • Final say, or inspired cooperation?
  • Looking for connection in conflict
  • Making choices and taking responsibility as a team
  • Long-term team support

Leading authentically
  • Communicating authentically and listening to collaborators
  • From ‘power over’ towards ‘power from within’
  • Coaching for motivation, focusing on needs and choices
  • Handling difficult conversations
  • Conflict mediation and needs
  • Handling one’s own and others’ stress preventively
  • Extended training programs for people managers
  • Inspired leadership
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