Training and deepening “ Conscientious and Nonviolent Communication”

Hathor is an international training institute created by Karin Ferfers.
It is represented by four multilingual trainers sharing the same vision.
Hathor Institute focusses on individuals, groups and organizations that consciously wish to improve the quality of their communication, their collaboration and their living/being with others and with oneself.
“Nonviolent communication”, Marshall Rosenberg’s body of thought, inspires all that we offer. Its inspiration allows us to make the difference we seek and constantly re-defines us.
Our international certificate in nonviolent communication is a strong impetus in spreading this body of thought, solidly connected to many others working worldwide in the same way.
Karin Ferfers
A strong believe in the universal language of the needs is the incentive for me to transmit the values of Nonviolent Communication with enthusiasm. So that each intention to sustain dialogue leads to better cooperation in day-to-day life. And at the same time transforms itself into a seed of peace.

Karin Ferfers
Karin Ferfers
Mutual understanding and a real preoccupation for what is important to others is for me the essence of successful collaboration. NVC is of great help to me in implementing my vision and helps me in bringing people together across generations.

Johan Ceuppens
Karin Ferfers
Godfrey Spencer's passion is communication based on needs, the deep aspirations of all human beings. He is a consultant, mediator, trainer and speaker; he works as much for international institutions as for corporations or individuals. He believes in inductive learning through practice. His love of humankind knows no bounds - or almost ...!

Godfrey Spencer
Karin Ferfers
“I’m fascinated to understand the intentions, sometimes hidden behind words and acts.
This is the source of my enthusiasm to explore together how to improve the quality of our relations. “

Rudy Begas
Hathor is an ancient Egyptian queen-goddess. Her symbolism is powerful, and that is the reason for giving our institute her name. Hathor encourages growth and evolution, and receives letting-go. She stands for a profound joy of life, combined with love and compassion.
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